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Romans 12:2 Mind Renewal

Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2Paul warned Christians: "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world" that are usually selfish and often corrupting. Wise Christians decide that much worldly behavior is off limits for them. Our refusal to conform to this world's values, however, must go even deeper than just behavior and customs; it must be firmly planted in our mind: "Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way we think." It is possible to avoid most worldly customs and still be proud, covetous, selfish, stubborn, and arrogant. Only when the Holy Spirit renews, reeducates, and redirects our mind are we truly transformed.

Christ's Death

Christ's death provided a way for all people to come to God. It cleared away the sin that keeps us from having a right relationship with our Creator. This does not mean that everyone has been saved, but that the way has been cleared for anyone who will trust Christ to be saved. We can have peace with God and be reconciled to him by accepting Christ, who died in our place. Is there a distance between you and the Creator? Be reconciled to God. Come to him through Christ.

Honoring Your Pastors'

My parents, as you know, have been pastors of Jackson Vineyard the last 5 years. What you don’t know is they have been my pastors’ the last 25 years. I’m bias when it comes to my parents, being who they are, and what they have accomplished as husband and wife of 34 years. Three men growing in their spiritual walk with Jesus, and only Him. I am honored to be called their son. I get both worlds. Both pastors and parents. Outside the church, they are Mom and Dad. Inside the church, they are my pastors.
Dad and Mom, thank you for all the lessons and teachings of who Jesus is to me, being my example of what Christ looks like through your unconditional love towards me, and thank you for allowing me to be your “Sunshine”.
Okay, now to the important stuff!
You see what I did there. I appreciated and thank them for what they did for me. Not only as their son, but as a church member.
Growing up, did you ever thanked your Pastors and/or Leaders?
There are 3 things I want you to do as a body of b…